Now, based in Clearwater, FL 
Audio/Music Production 
Technical  Services


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Sound Design/FX Creation Scoring Services for Film/Video/TV
Audio Editing * CD Mastering * Backup music arranging/sequencing for vocalists 
Location Recording * Studio Recording Location Mixing * Studio Mixing 
Stage Production * Stage Mixing Music/concert mixing & recording 
Forensic audio * vinyl to CD transfers * Stage and Studio Technical Consultant  
Two networked MAC stations, each featuring Digital Performer 8 w/64 bit DAW & sequencer,
and Peak Pro 7 XT Studio w/ Master Perfection Suite plug-ins and Sound Soap Pro for editing/mastering.
Peak can add all metadata needed for final duplication/replication of final CD release.
ION USB turntable, JVC dual casstte player/recorder, and Toast Titanium is available for quick CD burns. 
A Presonus Eureka anaolg mic pre w/ compressor/limiter and parametric EQ and Shure KSM32 mic for vocals.
Event 20/20 powered 2 way monitors ***** Sony MDR-7506 headphones
A Roland RD700 88 key , full weighted action main keyboard/controller w/Symphonique Strings expander card
(2) Roland JV-90 keyboards w/ 8 voice expander cards, one w/piano PCM card, one w/guitar & brass PCM card
A Yamaha MOXF8 88 key GHS keyboard synthesizer/workstation w/1Gb Flash memory card 
 A Yamaha MX49 synthesizer(2) Roland XV-2020 sound modules and (2) Alesis DMPRO drum modules.
(2) Whirlwind EDB1 direct boxes and an Armstrong 90 sterling silver flute.

Craig Jackson is an award-winning composer, video and music producer, an accomplished musician (keyboards & flute),
 and a concert, recording and TV/video/film audio engineer. 
After 9 years in Washington, D.C., as a Sr. Audio Designer for CNN TV,
he has relocated to beautiful Clearwater, FL,  to return to self-employment.
Through his first company, Crackerjack Productions, he provided production services and technical support
for the music/entertainment industry, on stage, in the studio, and on location, for over 35 years.
He has mixed concerts and stage shows for some of the biggest names in jazz, country, and pop, and been the house 
producer/stage manager for such legendary venues as La Bastille in Houston and Willie Nelson's Whiskey River Club in Dallas, TX.
Besides the numerous recording studios at which he was chief engineer, manager or freelanced in, he has been on staff for
NASA Space Shuttle TV/film at JSC, NBC (KPRC-TV2) in Houston, TX, and CNN TV in Washington, DC. 
His freelance audio jobs include PBS Frontline, ABC's 20/20, CBS Hour Magazine and MTV/Nickelodeon.
For a more extensive list of his credits and clients, click the link below.


Craig Jackson also performs as a solo pianist-vocalist, one-man band
and using a variety of musical combos.
Serving the Tampa - Clearwater - St. Petersburg, FL area 
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